K Tape Range

K Tape Range

We would like to introduce to you the brand-new K tape range, a range of double-sided adhesive tapes for a wide range of industries and applications.

K Easy Range:

  • K Easy Bond® – Double Sided Tissue Tape
  • K Easy Hem® – Double Sided Banner Tape
  • K Easy Lift® – Double Sided Finger Lift Tissue Tape
  • K Easy Toffee® – Double Sided Toffee Tape
  • K Easy Cloth® – Double Sided Cloth Tape
  • K Easy Mount® – Double Sided White PE Foam Tape
  • K Easy Scrim® – Double Sided Removable Peel-Peel Tape
  • K Easy Peel® – Double Sided Perm Peel Tape


K Bond Range:

  • K Bond® – Double Sided Clear Polyester Tape
  • KX Bond® – Double Sided White PE Foam with Solvent Acrylic Adhesive Tape
  • KVX Bond® – Double Sided high Bond Gel Tape
  • K-UX Bond® – Grey High Mass Double Coated Acrylic Foam Tape


  • K Remove® – Double Sided Removable Cloth Tape
  • K Nano Grip® – Nano Gel Tape


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