KVX Bond Double Sided High Bond Gel Tape

Incredible Strength Clear Foamed Acrylic Adhesive Tape with Exceptional Bonding Power

Kingdom’s KVX Bond Double-Sided High Bond Gel Tape – a leading product in strength and versatility. This clear foamed acrylic adhesive tape delivers exceptional performance across a multitude of applications. It’s not just any double-sided tape; it’s the toughest offering from Kingdom, designed to tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

Available in clear, black, and white variations, KVX high-bond gel tape stands as the ultimate choice for ultra-strong bonds making it suitable for use in signage mounting, display production, plastic and metal fabrication, as well as in the glazing industry for window and door production and assembly, and is also widely used in the automotive industry.

It conforms to smooth or rough surfaces as well as withstanding the extremes of temperature, water, and most solvents, it offers superior durability, longevity, and exterior performance. It’s engineered to deliver high performance even in the most demanding conditions, providing exceptional transparency for applications where a seamless bond is crucial.

Kingdom’s KVX Bond Double Sided High Bond Gel Tape can also be die-cut or supplied to any width required. Trust Kingdom’s KVX Bond Double Sided High Bond Gel Tape for superior adhesion and reliability across a wide range of applications.

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