UK supplier of  3M™ industrial products – 3M™ adhesive tape and heavy-duty industrial tape at leading prices

3M™ stands as one of the world’s foremost tape manufacturers, providing cutting-edge adhesive bonding and sealing solutions for a multitude of technical applications.

At Kingdom, we supply 3M™ technical tapes and 3M™ branded adhesives, empowering manufacturers to tackle challenges and processes with innovative long-term solutions.

Discover Kingdom’s extensive collection of 3M™ Tapes range of adhesive tapes, including VHB foam and sealant assembly tapes, renowned for their high performance and versatility, high durability and resistance. These tapes offer extreme toughness, long-term holding power and higher adhesion strength compared to typical pressure-sensitive adhesive systems.

Offering a lightweight solution compared to mechanical fasteners, these tapes provide an industrial-strength bond to attach materials securely. Whether it’s double-coated or adhesive transfer tapes, they provide shear strength, conformability, and high initial adhesion, making them indispensable in various industrial applications such as engineering, electronics, automotive, signage and more.

Experience the reliability and performance of 3M™ Branded Tapes from Kingdom today.

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