K-UX Bond Grey High Mass Double Coated Foam Tape

High Adhesive Mass for Superior Bonding Power, Impact Absorption and Extreme Conditions

Kingdom’s K-UX BOND Grey High Mass Double Coated Foam Tape stands as one of the strongest double-sided foam tapes in our product line. Designed to meet industrial and structural bonding tape needs, it surpasses traditional methods by seamlessly replacing adhesives, spot welds, rivets, screws, nuts, and bolts. Its superior bonding capabilities enhance productivity, bonding immediately without the need for drilling or creating holes.

This versatile tape acts as an excellent product for high and low surface energy substrates with different thermal expansion and contraction properties including metal, aluminium, and ABS, ensuring durable bonds unaffected by ageing or UV exposure.

Kingdom’s High Mass Double Coated Foam Tape finds uses in critical bonding across industries such as Marine, Aerospace, and Defence and common uses include signage manufacturing, fabrication of acrylic displays, component assemblies, and vehicle manufacturing, among others.

Its supple nature allows it to serve as a gap fill and seal, absorbing shocks and vibrations effectively. Available in grey, it aesthetically enhances joins for substrates of similar colours.

For a stronger, faster, and easier way to create durable and ultra-reliable bonds, explore Kingdom’s K-UX Bond Grey High Mass Double Coated Foam Tape.

Kingdom offers the added convenience of K-UX Bond Tape being precisely die-cut to any shape, making it ready to mount onto various surfaces. This makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of technical and industrial applications.

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