K Glaze Spacer Tape

High-density PVC Foam Spacer Tape for Structural Glazing and Cladding

Experience superior jointing, sealing, and mounting with Kingdom’s K Glaze Double Sided PVC Structural Spacer Tape, designed to meet the highest standards in glazing applications.

Specifically designed for architectural and structural glazing, Kingdom’s glazing spacer tape creates a space between glass and metal frames before applying sealant or silicone. Compatible with all structural silicones, this tape excels in sealing applications requiring long ageing, ensuring reliability over time.

Featuring a double-sided, high-tack acrylic adhesive on a moisture-stable blue release liner, our structural glazing spacer tape offers easy stripping for efficient application and boasts a high-density rigid foam core, providing excellent load-bearing capabilities of up to 300kg for large units.

Kingdom’s Structural Glazing Spacer Tape demonstrates extreme weather and temperature resistance, passing all relevant compatibility tests with their range of structural adhesives. With low thermal conductivity foam, heat loss is minimised, inhibiting condensation and providing a stable environment for metal framed units.

Experience the unmatched performance of Kingdom’s K Gaze Double Sided PVC Structural Glazing Spacer Tape for structural glazing and assembled units. Available in black and in a variety of thicknesses for your specific needs.

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