K Bond Double Sided Clear Polyester Tape

The Ultimate Bonding Solution for Any Surface

Kingdoms K Bond Double-Sided Clear Polyester Tape is a versatile adhesive solution engineered to meet your bonding requirements with high strength and reliability.

Kingdom’s K Bond tape is designed to adhere to a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, glass, ceramic, paper, and board, offering versatility in various applications. Whether you need it for crafting, repairing, or securing, K Bond Tape is available in bespoke widths or standard rolls measuring 6 mm-1260 mm wide and 50-250 meters long, ensuring it fits your project perfectly.

Its reliable performance ensures a durable bond even in extreme conditions, providing peace of mind for your projects. With a high tack adhesive, this double-sided tape offers a super-adhesive bond for long-lasting and provides a discreet yet highly effective bonding solution, seamlessly blending into your projects without being obtrusive.

Choose from red filmic or white paper release liner options for added convenience during the laser-cutting application, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Experience the superior performance and versatility of K Bond Double Sided Clear Polyester Tape from Kingdom, the ultimate choice for achieving seamless and lasting bonds for a wide range of applications.

Kingdom offers the added convenience of Double Sided Clear Polyester Tape being precisely die-cut to any shape, making it ready to mount onto various surfaces. This makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of technical and industrial applications.

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