K Glaze

High-performance Double Sided PVC Glazing Foam Tape for maximum performance for security glazing applications

Kingdom’s K GLAZE Double Sided PVC Security Glazing Tape is manufactured to prevent the unexpected removal of glass from externally glazed units. This security glazing tape significantly reduces the risk of burglary by thwarting attempts to remove glass units from externally glazed windows.

With optional manufactured densities ranging from 120kg to 200kg, it provides customisable protection tailored to your specific needs. Our double-sided acrylic window glazing tape delivers high performance by bonding securely to both timber and glass, ensuring a strong and permanent hold.

Security glazing tape also ensures water-tightness and draught-proofing between the frame and glass, enhancing overall security as well as insulation, dampening, and vibration absorption capabilities, guaranteeing that bonded joints remain securely in place even in critical and exacting applications.

Available in black and white, the width of the roll is custom-manufactured to suit individual glazing systems. Trust Kingdom’s K Glaze Double Sided Glazing Tape provides superior protection and security for your glazed units, ensuring peace of mind for site glazing applications and enhanced safety for properties.

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